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Information about the app Tide -Poengjakten


“Tide – Poengjakten” is an activity and community app developed for Tide’s employees. The purpose of the app is to motivate to increased physical activity and awareness of diet and lifestyle, in addition to building a cohesive culture across departments in Tide.


Tide – Poengjakten contributes to building cohesive culture by assigning employees to teams based on their job location. All teams will be ranked at a leaderboard, and you can see who is active in their team the current month.


Tide – Poengjakten also enables employees to cheer on both their team members and other colleagues’ contributions and completed challenges.

Poengjakten collects and process your personal data when you use the app.


Why do Tide – Poengjakten collect your data

The purpose of collection and processing of your personal data is to give you access to Tide - Poengjakten and its functionality.

When registering your user, you will be asked to accept the terms in this privacy statement. By accepting, you give valid consent for Tide - Poengjakten to use your personal data for the stated purpose.