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Tide’s objective is to have an open dialog with the investor market. Information will be published regularly through annual reports, quarterly reports and presentations. All stock sensitive information will be distributed without delays and simultaneously to the capital markets (through the Oslo Stock Exchange’s messaging system), media and on the company’s web site.

Performance management

Tide ASA can look back on a busy year in which the company still delivers positive results, even though the result is slightly lower than in 2014. There are still improvements in the results in the largest segments of Tide. The Danish activity is negatively affected by the conclusion of the company’s largest tender in December 2015. The company has succeeded significantly in strengthening the backlog of orders. This allows the company to be an initiator in increasing the margins in the industry. The last three delivered tenders in 2015 were all won, and the contracts start up in 2016.
From the boards annual report 2015

Analyst coverage

Tide is followed by the following analysts:
Norne Securities
Kostas Feruliovas
Telephone: + 47 21 95 37 54
E-mail: kostas.feruliovas@norne.no

Investor contact Tide ASA

Roger Harkestad
Chief Executive Officer Tide ASA
Telephone: +47 41 61 91 97
E-mail: roger.harkestad@tide.no


Ståle Rene
Chief Financial Officer Tide ASA
Telephone: +47 98 20 61 88
E-mail: stale.rene@tide.no


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Shareholder policy

Tide will provide attractive returns and contribute to increase the shareholders values. This ensures long term owners and provides a basis for supplying additional capital in accordance with the company’s need.
The market shall get the best foundation for evaluating the company and pricing of the share. This is done by accurate and timely information.
We will promote good relations between the company, its shareholders and other affected markets participants.
Tide will always act in accordance with the regulation that applies for companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.