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Career in Tide

Do you like rugged landscapes, deep valleys and high mountains? Are you tempted to drive a bus in Norwegian nature? We need good bus drivers for our departments in Norway!

What Tide can offer:

  • Work schedule arranged on a rotational basis, which provides predictability
    Possibility to work as a driver in the period May-September during high season - see more information in our job advertisements

  • 5 weeks of holiday per year. Increases to 6 weeks from the age of 60.

  • One earns 12% holiday pay of income. This will be paid out as salary during holiday withdrawal. (14,3% over 60 years of age).

  • Possibility of earning flexitime/free time

  • Good pension scheme: The company pays 5%, of which the employee pays 2% by gross salary deduction

  • Good insurance in the event of an employee’s death, work- or leisure accident – The company will pay the entire premium

  • Occupational health services

  • Correct pay at correct time: We pay wages according to the tariff, and we follow the bus industry agreement (BBA)

  • We have a bus fleet with many new buses, several of which are electric

  • Free uniform

  • Free travel arrangement with bus (including light rail in Bergen). Also applies to spouse/cohabitant and children under the age of 18

  • Many nice colleagues, and managers who lead with respect!

  • Our values ​​are SMART: Stolt (proud), miljøbevisst (environmentally conscious), ansvar (responsibility), respekt (respect), trivsel (well-being).


Are you a bus driver? Send us a mail today. Our recruiters will answer your questions regarding work in Norway, accomodation, payroll and everyday life as a bus driver. You can contact us at jobb@tide.no.

Tide aims to be a preferred employer

  • Seen, heard and appreciated are important terms to us – Involvement, participation and follow-up of managers are therefore very important 

  • Three times a year all employees are asked to answer a short working environment survey which provides direction for further development of the company

  • Tide is concerned with quality at all stages, and is certified according to ISO standards for environment, documentation, work environment and traffic safety

  • Our employees are encouraged to actively contribute to the Company’s work with sustainability

  • Our managers must be effective team players who create great jobs and achieve Tides goals through communication and quality

What does it take to become a bus driver in Norway?

Formal requirements:

1. Driving licence category D for bus

2. PCP (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence), usually as a code 95 on your driving licence

3. Passenger carrying vehicle permit (PCV)

What do you need to apply for PCV?
You must pass a background check by the police
You must have a driving license in the driving license class(es) that you are applying for
If you are a non Norwegian citizen, you must normally have lived in Norway for four years. This rule does not apply to citizens of EEA countries
You will have to get a medical certificate from a doctor. The medical certificate must not be more older than three months

Please note that to get PCV in Norway you need to have a Norwegian personal identification number (personal number or D-number). You apply for this number by registration at the Norwegian taxation office (Skatteetaten).



Tide has branches in several locations in Norway and Denmark, so we are well established in the areas where we offer transport - both on regular buses and with tour buses.

You can find us in Bergen, Haugesund, Hardanger and Voss, Sogndal, Stavanger, Sandefjord, Larvik, Horten and Tønsberg, Spydeberg, Trondheim, Kristiansund, Ryfylke, Sunnhordland, Troms and Tromsø, Alta and Honningsvåg and Lofoten.