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Highlights of Fjord Norway: Stavanger - Bergen

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Join us for a spectacular road trip along Norways national tourist routes and experience the best of local nature and culture. A two day trip between Stavanger, Hardanger and Bergen will ensure unforgettable memories.

National Tourist Routes are roads that take you through the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer.

Picnic areas with exciting architecture have been built along the routes to enable road users to enjoy the views, experience the weather, take photos, have a bite to eat and explore the unique Norwegian scenery.

Tide offer group tours along the National Tourist Routes to groups from 10 pax. The tour is available for groups from any airport in southern Norway. You can start in Trondheim in the north or Stavanger in the south. Also available from Oslo airports. Take one route or combine the two for a complete scenic road tour of Fjordnorway.

The drive along the Ryfylke National Tourist Route is a trip full of contrasts. Here you will encounter high barren mountains, green and lush hillsides, sheer mountainsides and deep fjords. The Saudafjellet mountain displays special natural characteristics. It is rugged, brutal and unyielding. At the Svandalfossen waterfall you can walk up the steps and really feel the force of the rushing water and the might of the cascade. At the southern point of this road you will find Lysefjorden. This fjord is perhaps most enchanting when dark clouds hover above, letting out only a handful of rays of Sunlight.

There are lots of opportunities on the way to make short detours and to take a break from driving, whether you are keen to find out more about Sauda’s industrial history or just want to explore one of the lovely little shore villages such as Sand.

It’s no secret that Hardanger is like a giant picture postcard and almost everywhere you look you will feast your eyes on thundering waterfalls or fruit trees in bloom. Dramatic roads run through dramatic scenery and there is a wealth of variation to absorb. The road may follow a shelf along a steep-sided valley or it might literally pass through apple orchards; perhaps it is this closeness that is the unique quality of the stretch. The perfect trip on this stretch would be to drive one way in springtime at the height of the fruit blossoming season, stop to fish in the Hardangerfjord and then return when fruit picking is underway in late summer. Then Hardanger will reveal its unique aspects that change with the season, who all are equally worth exploring.


Day 1: Stavanger - Sauda - Røldal - Lofthus
Day 2: Lofthus – Norheimsund - Bergen 
Day 3: Bergen


Do you wish to continue the trip along the national tourist routes from Bergen? 


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