From builder to bus driver

Five years ago, Konrad Prus made an important decision that changed his life. After working for many years as a construction worker in Oslo, he decided to move to Bergen and become a bus driver at Tide.


‘I’ve never regretted the decision, I really enjoy being a bus driver,’ Konrad smiles. 


We joined Konrad at work, while he transported hundreds of passengers safely to their destinations in Bergen. 


‘When I first came to Norway from Poland, it was easy to get a job in the construction industry and I worked at many large building sites in and around Oslo. It was a nice job, but there was a lot of uncertainty about the workload and salary. I eventually wanted a bit more stability in life,’ says Konrad, as he manoeuvres the bus with a steady hand.


‘After a few years as a construction worker, I therefore decided to move to Bergen and become a bus driver. It turned out to be an excellent decision! Now I have a steady job, great colleagues and a decent, stable income,’ he continues. 




There is a growing need for public transport in Norway, which means that more bus drivers are needed. Tide is a leading bus company and currently has around 4,000 drivers in Norway.


‘What surprised me the most was that even though you spend a lot of time sitting alone behind the wheel, it's a very social workplace. We meet so many wonderful passengers each day, and there’s also a good working environment and real team spirit in the department. Tide is a great employer and they make sure everyone is happy at work. That’s important to me,’ Konrad said.


The bus company Tide is committed to diversity and inclusion. In total, the company employs more than 60 nationalities of people and welcomes women and men of all ages. This creates and excellent work environment.


Konrad is originally from Poland and his family still live in his home country. Although he can’t see them every day as he would like, Konrad still manages to combine the bus driver job in Norway with family life in Poland. As a bus driver he works shifts, so he knows his work schedule a long time in advance. This allows Konrad to plan frequent trips to Poland. 

‘For me, working shifts is great. It means that I know well in advance when I can travel home to Poland, and I can choose to work a bit extra during the weeks I’m in Norway. It really works well for both me and my family,’ says Konrad as he reaches the next bus stop. 


Our bus ride with Konrad is over, but we have one more important question before getting off the bus: Would you recommend others to pursue a career as a bus driver at Tide? 


‘Absolutely! It's an amazing job and I would recommend anyone looking for new challenges to apply for a job at Tide,’ says Konrad with a smile, before closing the doors of the bus and continuing on his route.


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