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The personal data protection statement for Tide

Tide AS, represented by the CEO, is the personal data controller for the company’s processing of personal data. The personal data protection statement states how Tide collects and makes use of information on persons who visit our websites.

Persons who visit our websites have the voluntary option to submit personal data in connection with services, for example to receive newsletters. The basis for processing of personal data is the consent of individual visitors, unless otherwise specified. Data collected in connection with operation of the website is stored on the company's own servers, which are managed by the server supplier.


How do we use personal data?
Tide collects unidentified data on persons who visit tide.no and tidebus.dk in order to prepare statistics used to improve and further develop the information services provided on the websites. Examples of the results of such statistics are how many persons visit different pages, the duration of the visit, the websites from which the visits originate, and the browsers used.


Responsibility for data processing at Tide
Daily responsibility for processing of personal data is assigned to Tide’s CEO. Tide has also appointed a personal data protection representative. The tasks assigned to this representative are to ensure that Tide complies with the Norwegian Personal Data Act with regulations and to act as a resource for the company and the persons registered on issues relating to personal data protection at Tide.


Visiting Tide’s websites
When you visit one of Tide’s websites, your IP address will be registered. Tide does not link this information to you directly as a user. The time you spend on our websites is logged, but your identity is kept anonymous. We make use of this data to administer and maintain our websites. It allows us to improve and increase the user-friendliness of our websites.


Use of cookies
Our websites make use of so-called cookies. These are small pieces of data stored on your computer or mobile phone by the web browser you use. A cookie belongs to a specific website and cannot be read by other websites. The data stored in a cookie varies, but normally comprises ID keys that allow storage of user settings or for a website to remember a user that has visited the website before.

Examples of the types of cookies we collect:
1. Zisson chat script/Session/ARRAffinity
2. Survey Enalyzer
3. Google Tag Manager
4. Umbraco Forms
5. ASP.NET_SessionId
8. Hotjar


Use of cookies on Tide's websites
Our websites use cookies to identify user sessions and to fulfil our obligations to you as user.
We make use of cookies to keep forms (e.g. order forms) filled in when you navigate forwards and backwards between the different steps of the form.
We also collect statistics on how our pages are used so we can improve the experience for our users. In this context, cookies are also used to observe how users navigate through a website. These cookies and the data collected are rendered anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person.


How to reserve against the use of cookies
If you want to reserve against the use of cookies, you have to change the security settings in your browser. Guidelines for changing security settings.


Any person has right of access to basic information on the processing of personal data in a company, pursuant to section 18, 1st paragraph of the Norwegian Personal Data Act. Tide has provided this information in this statement and will refer to the statement if such requests are made.


Contact information
Email: post@tide.no
Telephone: +47 55 23 87 00
Postal address: Tide AS, P.O. Box 6300, NO-5893 Bergen