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Tide’s commercial activities have never delivered as many tour activities as in 2015. We also set a new record when it comes to the number of travelers with our flight- and express buses combined. The growth in the activities has resulted in a nice profit growth. We are proud of this!

Roger Harkestad, chief executive officer

Tide’s business model

We should be profitable, future oriented and the leading supplier of public transport and tours in Scandinavia. Through our values, professional management, competent employees, effective operation and good service, we shall create satisfied customers, employees, partners and owners.

Tide’s values

Proud – I am proud of the work that I and the company do for individuals and the society.
Environmentally conscious – I contribute to the environment in a positive way though my driving behavior and recycling.
Responsibility – I take responsibility for doing my tasks in the best possible way for customers, colleagues, company and society.
Respect – I meet colleagues, customers and partners with respect.
Satisfaction – I contribute to create a good working environment where one shows interest and care for ones colleagues.

HSE and environmental certification

Environmental politics
Tide aims to ensure that its activities are arranged so that any unfortunate consequences for the environment and the surroundings are minimized. The company’s operations shall at all times meet or exceed current environmental legislation.
To reduce the load on the environment and improve the quality of our services, Tide focuses continously on technological development, internal processes, operating methods and practice.

HSE and quality policy
Tide will offer the best quality of public transport services in the market. The company shall endeavor to protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors and customers. We focus continously on improvements in health, environmental, safety and quality systems.

Tide is certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and the quality standard ISO 9001.